Now that you may have read all of the information and things we have to say about xcAuction. You may want the opinions of some others. These are real comments, quotes, and emails that we have received from our users in regards to their experience with xcAuction. Look and see for yourself what they have to say about our auction software.

Rocky McMahan of Pet Board of Trade said:
"the service is excellent."
Dennis Schraub of Jones Plastic said:
"I would be happy to be on your list of active referrals. I/we are extremely pleased with the customization/service you've provided us, and would be happy to share that information with anyone. "
Linton Myers of Canada said:
"I really appreciate the promptness you have shown; it has helped me make the deadlines I have had thus far. Really appreciate it, and would recommend XCENT software to anyone at this point."
Daniel Radulescu said:
"Dang man... I love you guys!! You thought of everything!!"
Kris Kancler of Hanover Park, IL said:
"thanks for all your help. You guys have a kick ass product here and I am glad tech support is just as good. "
Mark Wickman of North Haven, Adelaide AUS said:
"It is a fantastic piece of software and I would not been able to manage this charity auction without it! "
Scott Gill said:
"I honestly do not know how you can make this entire program work any easier. It is a sweet setup. Now if you people can make me as big as ebay.. I would be a very satisfied customer. "
Ronald G. Coger Jr. said:
"just want to say thank you for your speedy response, even though it shouldn't surprise me. You and your XCENT team are top notch, with A+ service. "
Sheryl Trent of Bunyip, Inc. said:
"I want to let you know how much Victoria and I value the work that you have done for us. ... Great job Xcent! "
Jan Willadsen of Denmark said:
"Thanks a lot. Again you show up with an excellent and quick support."
Bruce Rempe of Iowa said:
"Thank you for your kind and timely response! ... You've got an Excellent and well-documented product here. "
Mark Laudenbach said:
"Thank you for the quick reply. You guys are awesome! Once again you guys are great, keep up the awesome work!"
Peter T. said:
"Thank you very much for the very speedy reply. Your customer support is excellent. "
Christopher P. said:
"AWESOME PRODUCT!!! I can't tell you how many script programs I have purchased for clients that just fell apart or just plain wouldn't work. Yours is by far the easiest and most cost-effective solution I have found. "
Bill of Hobby Central said:
"Thanks for your support, I wish other software vendors were as responsive."
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These are actual comments from real xcAuction users. So you can see that others agree that xcAuction is the best auction software that you can use to create your very own interactive auction website.