Now that you may have read all of the information and things we have to say about xcAuction. You may want the opinions of some others. These are real comments, quotes, and emails that we have received from our users in regards to their experience with xcAuction. Look and see for yourself what they have to say about our auction software.

J. Zolna of Lancaster, OH said:
"I cant believe that you guys can offer such a good package at this price. I thought you had a great product already and then you release a new version and manage to make it even better! Can't wait to see what you keep coming up with. Keep up the great work!"
John Ong of Quezon City, Philippines said:
"great product, service and technical support- amazing response time and with detailed explanation of any inquiries. XCENT truly lives up to giving value to its customers; from before-you-buy to even AFTER you purchase its product. I expect a long-term business relationship with XCENT and will always take a serious lookout for their new products."
John McInnes of Freeford FX said:
"By the way - I am really impressed with the Auction software, and I've only just started to use it. Clean code, well structured. Nice one guys. "
Michael Black of ByMBLACK said:
"Your biggest asset is your clean and structured code."
Theo van Vliet said:
"Very nice software and very satisfied with support etc."
Xu Genqing of Zhejiang Forestry University said:
"wish I could do more to praise you guys! hope that you get new products out soon.. I am one happy customer with your products and support."
Martin Prunty of Scottsdale, AZ said:
"Thanks so much for your persistence. You guy (and/or girls) have been great to work with. If you ever want to use me as a reference, please do. "
Zachary Price of Pepper Pike, OH said:
"Thanks! We cant wait, the software is awesome!"
Sande Satoskar of Raleigh, NC said:
"I really appreciate your patience and great support. We hope to launch by month end. I would love to give a testimonial and participate in the who is using section."
Mike Lane of Metairie, LA said:
"I talked with [support] the other day and [the] level of cutomer care was exceptional. Best attention to the customer I have had in a long time."
Angelique Manley of Rocky Mountain PBS said:
"we've been using XcAuctionPro for two and a half years now. It has been fantastic! The best part has been that we have been able to customize it extensively on our own. As a result, we were the first PBS station in the United States to offer simultaneous online and televised bidding of more that 5000 items. This accomplishment helped us win a PBS Development Award for Auction in 2003. There are over 30 PBS stations across the country that run auctions, and everyone is trying to get online. We've been recommending your product to everyone who calls us and asks us how we did it! Thanks again for putting out a great product at a reasonable price! "
Daniel Radulescu of Alpaca Solutions said:
"Thanks so much... you guys really do provide an excellent base from which to build. You have so many built in features that it makes it an absolute no brainer for the money! You guys rock!!"
Daniel Radulescu of Alpaca Solutions said:
"You guys rock!! ... I would love to tell the world how great you guys are! "
Mike of Winnipeg, Canada said:
"Thanks a lot, your guys support is the best I have seen"
Chris McClelland of DirectMyLinks said:
"Just writing to say thanks for the swift reply and quick resolution I will continue to work with you closely for my custom programming needs and great customer support. "
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These are actual comments from real xcAuction users. So you can see that others agree that xcAuction is the best auction software that you can use to create your very own interactive auction website.