xcAuction is priced to be affordable for any size business. When compared to other online auction software applications, xcAuction is a leader in value (price / features / performance) which makes it hard to beat. It is feature rich, is built to scale up, delivers performance, and is affordable.


xcAuction is priced at $799.00 (usd) for a single site license.


xcAuction is licensed per each site it is used on. A single site license allows for use of the xcAuction software on one website. If a single site uses multiple domains to point to the same site/content, that is still considered a single site license. No additional periodic fees, per user licensing is required. There are no built in limits to the number of active auction listings or users. Multiple site licensing options and discounts are available by contacting XCENT.


You can securely purchase a license for xcAuction online by clicking on the buy button below. Please note that all orders are manually screened for fraud protection for your security. Once you place an order for a license, you will receive confirmation of your order immediately. As soon as your order is processed, you will receive download instructions via email to retrieve xcAuction right from the XCENT web site. Order placed during our normal business hours can be expected to be delivered via email within one to two hours. Orders placed after hours, on weekends, or on holidays, will be processed and sent out on the next business day. Our normal business hours are 10am to 6pm EST (GMT-5:00) weekdays.