xcAuction allows you to maintain and run your auction site right within a web browser. You have the unlimited flexibility in handling and managing your site. You can administer your site from virtually anywhere that has an Internet connection. You can even collaborate on your site's administration with someone in a totally different geographic location. xcAuction provides you with a wide variety of administrative features and benefits. The hallmark of xcAuction is in its flexibility. You can customize it to use as many or as few of the built-in options as you would like. We have had users who have had a basic xcAuction sites up and running within minutes of receiving it, as well as those who have spent countless hours on customizing and tweaking the look, language and functionality of their sites until they find a combination of the built-in options that makes their site look its best. It's all up to you!

Auction Site Statistics
Automated System Processing
Common Billing and User Management System

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