Performing a basic installation of xcAuction is basically just a few steps.
  • Setup your database. Step by step instructions are provided in the administrator's documentation.
  • Edit the initial configuration files using any plain text editor (even NotePad can be used very effectively for this).
  • Create your HTML templates. This can be done using Microsoft FrontPage, MacroMedia DreamWeaver, Adobe GoLive or any other HTML editor that you prefer to use. The HTML templates are what helps create that integrated look into your site design.
  • Upload the site to your web server.

It can be that simple. But of course, xcAuction is pretty flexible and you have many choices with various configuration options and settings. Many experienced web developers have xcAuction installed and running on their site with a few hours of receiving it, including having it integrated into their site design. Some web developers may take longer as their experience dictates and as they get more familiar with xcAuction and the wide variety of configuration options that it allows for. And don't forget, XCENT does provide complete setup and installation services as well as comprehensive development services to back you up and help you build any type of auction site that you want.

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