• What is the xcAuction auction software?
    xcAuction auction software is a web server application, it is a piece of software that is installed on a web server in order to create an online auction website. If you want to create your own auction website, then xcAuction is exactly the kind of software you are looking for. If you are looking to manage auctions on other websites, such as eBay, then xcAuction is not what you need and you want to search for auction management software.

    Otherwise, if you want to build your own auction website for auctioning your own items or create a marketplace for allowing multiple auctioneers and bidders to come together, then xcAuction is what you need to make that happen. xcAuction is installed on the webserver for your website. It is not installed on your personal home computer. If you are unsure about what this means, please continue reading our FAQ or ask us for further assistance and we will be glad to help you.
  • What does ASP web server application mean?
    An ASP web server application denotes the platform, or type of web server, that it can be used on. ASP applications run on Microsoft IIS web servers.
  • What does IIS mean?
    IIS stands for Internet Information Server. It is the name given to the web server that is built into Microsoft Windows Server products such as Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, and Windows 2003 server. IIS is a high performance web server that is built and optimized to deliver interactive web server applications for eCommerce and other uses.
  • What does hosting mean?
    Hosting simply refers to where does your web site get delivered or run from. For a web site to exist and be accessible to the world, it must be on a web server. That web server must be always connected to the internet and running so that your website is available to anyone at any time around the world. Hosting is just who or what machine is going to be doing that for your site. Most site operators choose to let a hosting company do this for them. These companies go by a few different names such as web host, or ISP (Internet Service Provider).
  • Do I need to do my own hosting or arrange it all myself?
    No, you do not need to do it yourself. There are a wide variety of options in choosing your hosting. If you do not want to get involved in any of the details, simply contact XCENT by clicking on the contact tab above and we can arrange to have a technician take care of all the details for you. However, if you do want to host the auction software yourself, you certainly can. The web server(s) that xcAuction is installed on must meet the application requirements. Full specifications for xcAuction's requirements can be viewed by clicking on the requirements page in the navigation menu.
  • Can I choose any hosting company?
    Yes, we build xcAuction to run on a wide variety of common hosting configurations. It can be installed on shared hosts, where a single large web server may run multiple web sites. Or for high performance or high security situations, it can be run on dedicated servers.
  • What do I need to create my own auction website?
    All the exact specifics will vary a bit depending on your needs and what features in the auction software that you want to use. For most new websites that are just starting out, you do not need much more than a host for your site that meets the application requirements and a copy of xcAuction. There is a good detailed article in our FAQ database (link below) that helps answer many of the basics for newcomers to web server applications. Be sure to contact us if you do not understand anything and need further clarification. We will be glad to assist you in determining your needs.

    Click to see FAQ Article #366
  • What does xcAuction include?
    xcAuction actually consists of two applications that work together as one complete system. These are xcAuction itself and XUD. XUD is the user membership, management and billing system that manages and controls all your user accounts. XUD is shared by other XCENT web server applications to provide for single login and other advanced site features that let multiple web server applications work together as one coordinated system. xcAuction Pro Edition also include xcForum, a complete message board application that you can optionally install and use to create an on-site interactive community and to support your site users.
  • Can you install the xcAuction auction software for me?
    If you are unsure about performing the installation and setup yourself, or simply need to spend your time dealing with other issues, we certainly can get everything setup for you. We provide a flat fee installation service so we can work directly with you and your chosen web host to get xcAuction installed and running on your web site as quickly as possible. With our installation services, an XCENT technician will work directly with you to install the application on your website and make sure that everything is working. If you already have a website, we will also visually integrate xcAuction with your existing site design by creating your HTML templates from your existing site. You can order an installation at the same time as when you purchase an xcAuction license. Or, if you wish to try it yourself first, you can order an installation at a later time if you need the assistance. Once you place an order for installation, XCENT will contact you with a questionnaire regarding your installation and schedule you a time for setup. If you have an existing site, most installations can be scheduled and completed within 48 hours depending on our current work load.
  • I need a custom auction site. Can xcAuction be customized?
    While xcAuction is a complete auction solution as it comes and has many configurable features that allow you to easily modify how certain features of the auction software works, certain industries or markets may need some features tailored further to be most effective for their installation. xcAuction is built with that in mind and certainly can be customized. xcAuction comes with complete ASP VBscript source code. If you have experienced ASP developers in-house, then you should be able to perform any customization that you wish. XCENT also provides very comprehensive development services and can customize any functionality that you wish to have. If you have prepared specifications on what customizations you would like to have, we are glad to prepare an itemized time and cost estimate for you. Please be sure to include any mockups or related materials that you have prepared. To help us provide the most accurate assessment, please be as detailed as possible in your requests. If you have in-house developers, XCENT can also work directly with your development team if you need adjunct services or other consultation. XCENT can make your project come to life.
  • Where can I get xcAuction hosted?
    You can host your xcAuction website on any host that meets the application requirements. We have built xcAuction so that it can be used on a variety of hosting providers web servers as well as your own server or servers. Based on feedback from our existing users, and familiarity with XCENT's products, we can recommend the following web hosts. When you contact them, be sure to tell them you heard about them from XCENT, and they will definitely treat you right and know what kind of requirements your site will need. If you have had a positive experience with a good web host, be sure to let us know!
  • How easy is installation and setup of xcAuction?
    xcAuction setup and installation is easy but does require you to be familiar with basic web server technologies and related details. If you are able to maintain a plain static HTML site then you should be able to setup xcAuction. Setting up xcAuction consists of being able to manage the files on your web site using FTP or other file management tool, and being able to edit plain text files. If you can do that, then you certainly should be able to setup xcAuction.
  • What exactly is involved in setting up xcAuction?
    Performing a basic installation of xcAuction is basically just a few steps.
    • Setup your database. Step by step instructions are provided in the administrator's documentation.
    • Edit the initial configuration files using any plain text editor (even NotePad can be used very effectively for this).
    • Create your HTML templates. This can be done using Microsoft FrontPage, MacroMedia DreamWeaver, Adobe GoLive or any other HTML editor that you prefer to use. The HTML templates are what helps create that integrated look into your site design.
    • Upload the site to your web server.

    It can be that simple. But of course, xcAuction is pretty flexible and you have many choices with various configuration options and settings. Many experienced web developers have xcAuction installed and running on their site with a few hours of receiving it, including having it integrated into their site design. Some web developers may take longer as their experience dictates and as they get more familiar with xcAuction and the wide variety of configuration options that it allows for. And don't forget, XCENT does provide complete setup and installation services as well as comprehensive development services to back you up and help you build any type of auction site that you want.
  • Does xcAuction scale up to support large sites?
    Absolutely. You can start out on a shared web server for a small site, and keep moving up and out to meet the demand of your users as your site grows. xcAuction is built to work on a shared web server and that will function fine for many sites. As your site grows and has more demanding needs, you may need to grow into a dedicated server. A dedicated server is the next step up for very active sites. When your site becomes so popular that you need to be able to move beyond what a single server can deliver, xcAuction can keep growing with you. xcAuction is built to scale up and out using a variety of methods such as web server farms and clustering solutions. These scalability techniques and platforms can allow your site to grow fantastically. From shared web servers; dedicated servers; to web server farms and clustering solutions, xcAuction is built to keep your site and you business moving and growing. Multiple server installations can vary significantly depending on the particulars of the clustering solution you might choose to use and may likely require assistance of XCENT to tune the software for your particular installation.
  • Can I view the documentation for xcAuction before purchase?
    Absolutely! You can download the documentation for xcAuction right from the main XCENT web site. The administrator documentation provides detailed setup and installation information, as well as information about on-going administration and maintenance of your auction site. We provide documentation in Adobe Acrobat format so that you can use it as an online reference, or print it out and read it offline or keep a printed copy for reference.

    Click to download or view xcAuction documentation.
  • If I want to charge my site visitors, what payment methods can I use?
    xcAuction is built to be flexible, so you have a number of options available to you. Small sites might want to start out using services like PayPal, or NoChex. These services are most suitable for sites with low transaction volumes. xcAuction can also interface directly to a number of different online payment processing gateways to accept orders by credit card. Current gateways supported are: AuthorizeNet; Bank of America eStores; DirectOne; eProcessingNetwork; IonGate; LinkPoint; SecPay; Verisign PayProFlow; and YourPay. Billing data can also be exported for use with external billing applications.

    Click to view the most up to date list of supported gateways.
  • I want to use xcAuction in my country, will it work for me?
    Yes! Although we only provide xcAuction in an English version, it is written with ease of language and locale portability in mind. For English speaking countries and users, xcAuction will automatically inherit locale based settings, such as date/time formatting and currency descriptors, from the web server that it is installed on. There are also configuration options that allow you to override inherited locale settings and use settings that are unique to your site as well as adjust for timezome offsets. This allows you to make your site run in whatever configuration you want, even if the server is several timezones away from you and using a locale that differs from your own. To port xcAuction to other languages, there are some basic technical requirements to accomplish that. See the following FAQ article for additional details.

    Translating xcAuction to other languages.
  • Am I required to link to XCENT from my site when using xcAuction?
    No, you can completely customize the appearance of xcAuction to suit your own tastes. We do include sample templates that have links to the XCENT site. However, these are just examples in the default configuration and you can freely modify or replace those with whatever content you wish.
  • Am I required to leave XCENT's logos visible on my site using xcAuction?
    No, you can completely customize the appearance of xcAuction to suit your own tastes. We do include sample templates that have XCENT logos. However, these are just examples and you can freely modify or replace those templates with what you wish.
  • What database do I need to run xcAuction?
    xcAuction can utilize a JET database for small scale auction sites. This is a single file database, that is included with xcAuction and can be used on any webserver that xcAuction will run on. For larger sites, or when the highest security and reliability are required, we highly recommend running xcAuction on a Microsoft SQL Server database. Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 and later are supported (includes MSSQL 2000, MSSQL 2005). In a hosted environment, you do not normally need to license SQL Server yourself. Most good web hosts will also be able to provided hosted SQL Server databases at very reasonable costs.
  • Can I use xcAuction on a webserver that uses only PHP or Apache?
    No, xcAuction does not run on PHP or Apache webservers at this time. A Microsoft IIS web server is required for xcAuction.
  • Can xcAuction work with a mySQL database?
    No, xcAuction does not support mySQL databases at this time.

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